Fuel prices rise for third consecutive month, RAC data reveals

Motorists have been hit with a rise in the price of petrol and diesel for the third month in a row, according to new figures.

The cost of filling up an average family car has increased by around £5 since the end of February, RAC Fuel Watch data for May revealed.

Unleaded rose by 1.92 pence per litre (ppl) in May to 108.67p, while diesel went up by 2.2ppl to 110.7p.

The RAC said the increase was driven by a 14% rise in the price of oil.

The organisation's fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "Motorists will be disappointed to see pump prices going up again having enjoyed filling up their vehicles with petrol and diesel for under £1 a litre at the start of the year. The sub-£1 litre is now sadly starting to seem like a distant memory.

"Since the end of February the price of both unleaded and diesel has increased by around 9p a litre which has driven the cost of filling up by around £5.

"Now summer's here what most families want is a period of stability so that making the most of the better weather doesn't lose some of its shine through higher costs at the pump."

He added that increased crude production in the Middle East means there is "good reason" to expect oil prices will not rise far above the current level "for the time being".

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