Freebie Friday: Father's Day special

Sarah Coles
Gift for Dad for Father's Day or birthday on gold paper background.Click below for more pretty gifts.
Gift for Dad for Father's Day or birthday on gold paper background.Click below for more pretty gifts.

Father's Day is fast-approaching, and you only have until 19 June to buy something spectacular. Of course, you will have plenty of time to spare if you plan to pop down to the supermarket for a cut-price aftershave, but if you're willing to be a bit more creative, you should get started now, and take advantage of a handful of brilliant freebies.

Free Card
If you have an O2 Phone, and have downloaded the priority app, you can get your hands on a free Father's Day Card from Cardmarket - until 6 June. As ever with these freebies, it's worth going sooner rather than later for your card, as some stores will run out before the deal officially ends.

Free gift
New members of can pick up a Father's day gift up to the value of £10, and get their money back. You just sign up to the website, spend up to £10 at I Want One of Those before midnight on 13 June, and you'll get the money back in your account. You could, for example, buy your dad a Tie Fighter metal construction kit (£9.99), a selfie remote shooter (£7.99), or a USB cup warmer (£7.99) and it'll cost you absolutely nothing. Details of how to get the cashback are explained on the website.

Free entry to Goodwood Full Throttle Event
The users of have spotted that Goodwood is holding a Breakfast Club on Sunday morning - with free entry. The idea of each of these clubs is that Goodwood suggests a theme, and people bring along their cars if they match the theme. Visitors can then wander round and admire the cars people have brought with them. What makes this one particularly notable is that the theme is: Full Throttle - The endless pursuit of power - which means exciting supercars will be on display.

Free Peperami Snack Pack
Most fathers won't say no to a snack, so buy him one for nothing. If you get a £1.50 Peperami snack pack from Sainsbury's before 7th June, and use the snap and save option at Quidco - you'll get your money back - and keep Dad happy for free.

Free day out
If you have younger kids, then it's worth bearing in mind that dads go free at Gullivers over the weekend of 18th and 19th June. Playpennies points out that in order to qualify and book in advance, there will need to be at least two adults and one child going. This is because you need to have one full paying adult for Dad to get a free ticket, plus at least one child on your booking as unaccompanied adults are not permitted.

Odd Father's Day Gifts for Odd Dads
Odd Father's Day Gifts for Odd Dads