Charlotte Church slams news stories about Jeremy Corbyn as 'a little biased'


Jeremy Corbyn is being unfairly portrayed in "biased" news reporting, Charlotte Church has said.

The singer, who was among famous faces who backed the left-winger's successful bid for the Labour leadership, said the media was unfairly skewed against him.

But she conceded that making himself more available for interview might improve matters.

Many Corbyn supporters are hostile to what they term "mainstream media" - with many yesterday booing BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg when she asked him a question after a speech.

The party leader himself accused the BBC of being "obsessed with trying to damage" his leadership and furiously attacked Britain's "facile" media in a recent Vice News film.

Ms Church told BBC Radio 4's Today: "When you look at the stuff that's going on with the Tory election fraud allegations and how that's not very widely known in the mainstream media and then you look at the way that Jeremy Corbyn has just been completely slated, so unfairly, a lot of the time then I think there is definitely an unbalance there.

"The majority of stuff I see about Jeremy Corbyn I don't think reflects the popular idea of who he is and what the people think.

"It comes across as a little biased."

Asked if he should "put himself out more for interviews", she said: "Each to their own.

"I have no idea what it is like to be a politician or how you manage press in that situation but yes, maybe that would be the answer."

Today presenter and former BBC political editor Nick Robinson said: "He knows our number - do call!".