Martine McCutcheon on 'filthy' Hugh Grant: 'I still wouldn't kick him out of bed'

Actress Martine McCutcheon confessed she still has a soft spot for actor Hugh Grant despite recent pictures of him on the beach looking in less-than-prime condition.

Hugh starred as the dishy Prime Minister opposite Martine's lovestruck household staff member Natalie in 2003 rom-com Love Actually.

Martine McCutcheon revealed Hugh Grant was a
Martine McCutcheon revealed Hugh Grant was a "good kisser" on Love Actually (Jonathan Brady/PA)

Appearing on Loose Women, she was quick to defend her former co-star against topless pictures of him on holiday in Marbella that emerged on Tuesday.

The 40-year-old said it was just a "dodgy photo" that tabloids had seized on, like they've done to her in the past.

"I love my Hugh, he could be 10 stone bigger than that and I still wouldn't kick him out of bed.

"I think he looks absolutely amazing," she said.

She also spilled the beans on the memorable kiss in Love Actually, when the curtain rises on the school play to reveal the pair locking lips.

"I won't be mysterious, he was fabulous. I'm not going to lie.

"At first he was very polite and I thought posh boys aren't very good kissers...but then when Richard Curtis said to him, 'Go for it' - oh, did he!"

She admitted to the panel that they had to keep reshooting the kiss too, because Martine kept fluffing it up.

Martine and Hugh starred opposite each other in 2003's Love Actually (Andy Butterton/PA)
Martine and Hugh starred opposite each other in 2003´s Love Actually (Andy Butterton/PA)

Andrea McLean offered her opinion on the 55-year-old: "I like Hugh because he looks like he's a little bit filthy."

They all agreed that his Bridget Jones character Daniel Cleaver was most like the "real Hugh" and also his "sexiest character".

Martine replied: "He is filthy but he is fabulous. Fabulously filthy."

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