Children tumble to street after falling from minivan boot

Three children drop out of minibus boot as it pulls away at traffic lights

A dashcam captured the strange moment three children fell out of the back of a minibus boot in China after its driver pulled away from a junction.

The footage, which was captured in Beijing, sees the minivan waiting at a set of traffic lights. As the lights change, the driver pulls away – but this makes the boot door swing open.
However, rather than say, luggage falling out, three children tumble out of the van and into the road.

The trio fall into the middle of the busy carriageway, with one of the three picking themselves up and running to the pavement. However, the other two remain sitting in the street.

Unfortunately, the driver of the minibus fails to notice that the children have fallen out for some time. They continue down the road for a while, before realising that their precious cargo has exited the vehicle.

He quickly jumps out of the car after realising the problem, gathering up the children from the road. It is not known whether the children suffered any injuries as a result of the experience.
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