A host of new emojis have been approved, including some rivals for the infamous aubergine


Emoji has risen to become a language of its own, one that is in constant need of expansion in order to keep up.

At the centre of the playful-looking icons is actually a well organised approval system run by the Unicode Consortium. This group reviews and approves the designs for new emojis, adding them to the standard list and then making them available to app developers to add to their own libraries.

(Lauren Hurley/PA)

The latest round of approvals have arrived and among the 72 new candidates were some designs that it was suggested could give the suggestive aubergine a run for its money.

Most notably the cucumber/pickle, peanuts, croissant and baguette. We'll leave you to giggle among yourselves for a moment.

New emoji designs

Also on the list of new designs is 'rolling on the floor laughing' or ROFL as the kids used to call it, a runny-nose face, two fist bumps, a black heart and everyone's favourite superfood - avocado. Here they all are, mocked up by Emojipedia.

New emoji designs

The final designs could differ slightly, and across different devices and platforms the animations change, but the overall look will be similar.

The good news is you won't have to wait long to start using them either - Unicode 9.0, the update these emojis are part of, is due to be rolled out this month.