Lorry is swallowed by sinkhole on Chinese road

Lorry falls into sinkhole in China
A lorry in China was recently swallowed up after a sinkhole appeared beneath it.

The incident happened in Taizhou, Zhekiang Province, and saw the ground suddenly collapse underneath the lorry as it passed over it.
As the lorry pauses, the sinkhole grows larger and pulls the helpless truck into it. The road appears quiet, which means that luckily no other vehicles fall into the hole.

Thankfully, the sinkhole appeared as the middle section of the truck passed over it, leaving the cab of the truck relatively damage free. It is reported that the driver escaped the incident without any injuries.

It comes in the wake of four cars being swallowed by a sinkhole on a major road in the country's Jiangxi Province. Here, the road collapsed, causing parked cars to fall into the resulting crater. Again, no one was injured, though firefighters were called to remove the affected vehicles.
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