French tourist loses control of scooter and plunges 20ft

An unfortunate tourist has been caught on camera losing control of their scooter and plunging off the side of a car park 20 feet above a road.

The footage, which was captured in the Degirmenburnu region of Bodrum, a city in Turkey, sees the French scooter rider waiting for a friend that has ridden away.
Losing patience, the rider decides to try and start the scooter. Revving the engine, they lean forward and inadvertently lift the bike's kickstand up. The rear wheel then hits the ground, sending both scooter and rider over the edge of the platform.

He then plunges out of control down the grass hill, coming to a halt mere metres away from the busy road below.

Thankfully, reports say that the rider didn't suffer any injuries from the crash. The man's friend who had ridden away came back to help him pick his scooter back up and return it to the road.

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