Completely stock Toyota Supra heads to auction in US

An unmolested 1994 Toyota Supra has gone to auction online, offering buyers the chance to buy one of motoring's best known icons without any modifications.

With a twin-turbocharged engine and a manual gearbox, the Supra is well sought-after. Many search for a Supra without any changes, as modifications were popular with many owners soon after purchase.
The Supra was well-known in the street racing scene and gained fame through its appearance in the very first Fast and Furious film. Driven by Paul Walker in the movie, it was sold at auction last year and fetched £120,000.

Completely modified, it featured NOS, a full roll cage and a strengthened fuel tank as well as a full bodykit and bright orange paintwork. The car famously appeared in the last scene of the film, where Walked jumped it across a railroad crossing.

Completely stock Toyota Supra heads to auction in US
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Completely stock Toyota Supra heads to auction in US

This model is being sold in America, and does have 111,000 miles on the clock – making it a rather high-mileage example. However, despite this is does appear to be in excellent condition, with its leather interior showing very little signs of age. The car's factory head unit even remains, featuring a cassette and CD player.

Recently serviced, the Supra has a full history – and the seller claims that this is one of just nine turbo manual Supras of this model year in the country. It has also had its timing belt serviced and the gearbox fluids have been changed, too.

Although auctioned with a reserve of just over £30,000, this Supra will surely reach a much higher price, owing to its rarity and condition.
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