Animal lover returns to car to find alligator in the front

Photo credit: Gator Squad
An animal lover who discovered an injured alligator and temporarily put it into her car, returned to find the reptile behind the wheel.

Christy Kroboth discovered Buster the alligator in Fulsher, Texas, with two bullet wounds on his back.
As part of Gator Squad, a conservation group that looks to protect the alligators, Kroboth moved quickly to save the animal.

She told the Daily Mail: "If you catch them in the middle of the night, sometimes I keep them in the backseat of my car, in the trunk area they're fine."

However, on this occasion Kroboth went home to get changed and returned to her car to find Buster sat in the driver's seat. The alligator had managed to crawl from the boot, over the rear seats and into the front of the car. He had also cracked the vehicle's windshield in an attempt to escape.

She said: "Got Buster the alligator early this morning, went home to change and came back out to find him trying to drive my car.

"Even though he beat up my car we're still gonna be sweet to him. It's not his fault – he saw the light from the windshield and he was trying to get out.

"No more busting windshields for this guy and nobody shooting him in the back anymore either – this guy is safe and happy."

Thankfully, Kroboth was able to get Buster out of her car.

Gator Squad work to remove alligators from areas where they shouldn't be and return them to safer areas.
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