Truck is left dangling off bridge after New York accident

Truck dangles off Bronx overpass
A truck was left dangling over the edge of a bridge after an accident in the Bronx, New York recently.

Caught on aerial footage, the truck is seen sitting perilously close to the edge of a Cross Bronx Expressway overpass.
The cab section of the truck can be seen at the base of the bridge, with the rest of the lorry hanging on to the bridge's guard rails.

It is reported that the incident, which occurred around midday on Memorial Day, involved numerous other vehicles. Two people were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Thankfully, it is reported that emergency services were able to bring the lorry back on to the bridge, preventing it from falling and causing even more damage.

The driver of the lorry, Pablo Lopez, only required stitches to his head. Police reported that a black car hit the front wheel of the truck, causing it to run off the road.
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