Two passengers electrocuted after livewire falls on bus

Two passengers electrocuted after livewire falls on bus

Two Indian students have died after a live wire fell on their school bus in the state of Tamil Nadu.

At least 40 students were injured in the incident, which occurred on Sunday evening.

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The Hindustan Times reports that the bus had been chartered by a voluntary organisation as part of an annual summer programme tour of the district, situated on the border with Kerala.

It is not clear exactly how the accident happened, but it is thought some students pulled at a tree that was touching the cables when the bus was parked near a tea shop in Agamalai.

It is believed the branch dislodged several palm fronds which in turn snapped a high tension wire, causing the tragedy.

According to the BBC, a police official said: "We are probing. As of now we've filed a case of accidental death. We don't know if there was any negligence."

All 65 on board were from the village of Achampaththu in Madurai district.

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