Two cyclists attacked by kangaroo in Australia

Two cyclists attacked by kangaroo in Australia
Two cyclists attacked by kangaroo in Australia

Two cyclists have told how they were attacked by an angry kangaroo during a ride in Australia.

Sharon Heinrich and Helen Salter were attacked during a bike ride on the Riesling Trail, Clare Valley, on 25 May.

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Mrs Heinrich, who said the kangaroo was taller than her, suffered three cracked ribs in the attack while her friend was left concussed.

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According to the Telegraph, Mrs Heinrich said: "Just out of the corner of my eye I've seen this kangaroo up on this ledge.

"I thought 'he's cute' and then he jumped on top of me and used me to launch off and onto my girlfriend.

"We flew probably one-and-a-half metres after he hit us. I was on the ground and couldn't breathe for about 10 minutes. I couldn't talk."

Sharon added that the pair managed to get help from a local business about half a mile away.

According to the Northern Argus, she added: "When the surgeon saw me in Adelaide he said I was lucky to be alive – kangaroos are solid muscle and incredibly powerful. When he landed he went completely through me, if he had become caught in the bike the outcome would be a lot different."

She is now calling for warning signs to put up in the area for tourists.

She added: "I live on a farm in the region, I know kangaroos are around here.

"But tourists from the city have no idea – I really think there needs to be signs placed along the trail to warn people about them.

"They jump without warning and at the last minute – people need to be careful."

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