A man was spotted crawling on all fours with a lead around his neck in Newcastle

It's not every day you see a grown man on all fours being taken for a walk with a leash around his neck, but it was one of those days for this Geordie chef.

Kenny Atkinson spotted the bizarre scene close by to his Michelin star restaurant House of Tides on Newcastle's Quayside, and caught it all on camera for Twitter to see.

The man - dressed in backless cow-print trousers, a pair of goggles and a cowboy hat, holding what looked like a scarecrow in his mouth - was being led along the pavement on his hands and knees by four men.

We, along with Kenny, have absolutely no idea what was going on. Was it a humiliating forfeit after losing a bet? Maybe a stag do stunt?

Who knows.

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