Vote Leave are offering a crazy amount of money to whoever can predict every result of Euro 2016


This is not a drill.

Vote Leave is offering a stonking £50 million to any voter who can correctly predict every single result of the European football championships.

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Yes, you did read that right.

The competition is open to all registered voters over the age of 18, who have until 8pm on June 9 to sign up and make their predictions via the website,

The Vote Leave camp is using the contest to maximise the spread of its message by taking data from hundreds of thousands of armchair punters.

However, the privacy policy does allow anyone to "opt out" from receiving campaign information "at any time".

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Campaign director Dominic Cummings said: "Too many people, particularly younger voters, don't engage in politics and do not plan to vote in the referendum.

"For years there's been a lot of talk about this problem but it's got worse - is an attempt to engage with large numbers of people who normally ignore politics.

"We'll be able to speak to them about the issues, give them some facts, and answer their questions.

"We want as many people as possible to know that we are sending life-changing sums to the EU every single day so we're giving them a chance to win it.

"It's a bigger prize than any one person has ever won on the National Lottery."

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Entrants must give their telephone number, email address and home address to qualify for the prize - which is the same figure as the daily amount Britain spends on the EU, the campaign claims (see what they did there?).

They must also rate themselves on a scale of one to five as to whether they are more likely to back staying in the EU or vote to leave.

By now you're probably wondering what the chances are of correctly predicting the outcome of each group game, the line-up at the knockout stage and each subsequent game up to the final in Paris on July 10.

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Well, bookmakers Ladbrokes said the odds of winning were incalculably long and that correctly predicting just the group stages would be an eight-billion-to-one shot.

Sources admit the odds are VERY long and so have said the £50 million - which is covered by an insurance policy - will go to whoever gets the most right in a row from the start of the tournament.

The terms and conditions say that anyone who predicts all the results correctly will forfeit the £50 million if they "cannot be contacted within 48 hours of first contact being attempted by Vote Leave".

They also state the campaign "reserves the right to withdraw a prize and to modify, suspend, cancel or terminate the prize draw". Yawn.

The clock's ticking to get your predictions in. What've you got to lose?!