There was a dog on The Chase and everyone loved it


Fred the guide dog stole the hearts of viewers when he made an appearance on The Chase on Thursday.

The canine helper accompanied blind contestant Craig, but soon had host Bradley Walsh joking that he was the real brains behind the team.

"Fred, you're not giving him the answers?" Bradley joked as Craig sailed through the questions. "Fred, put that book away!"

Craig, 29, and Fred joined Katie, Graham and Deborah as the fivesome went all the way through to the final on £23,000.

However, they were beaten by Chaser Anne Hegerty, better known as The Governess.

Fred's owner Craig (ITV)
Fred's owner Craig (ITV)

Fred earned himself plenty of fans during his 15 minutes of fame.

Not everyone was convinced that Fred hadn't been more than a good luck charm though.