Biker narrowly avoids being buried in sand from tipped lorry

Motorbike driver escapes being buried by sand pouring out of trailer
A motorcycle rider was lucky to avoid being buried by a mountain of sand after a lorry overturned behind them on a road in China.

The video, which was captured in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, shows how the lorry had to swerve to avoid another car that was parked across a section of the road.
Sat in front of the truck is a motorcycle rider, who thankfully notices the truck begin to drop.

As the lorry begins to spill its shipment of sand, the biker speeds up and manages to avoid the toppling cargo just in time.

It is not known whether or not the truck driver sustained any injuries as a result of the crash, though it's certain that the mess caused by the accident will have taken a while to clean up. Thankfully it appears that despite the lorry tipping over, the cab section of the vehicle stayed upright.
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