People are questioning everything they know after watching Secret Life Of The Human Pups

Viewers were introduced to one of life's more unusual subcultures in the Secret Life Of The Human Pups and it's safe to say they're not sure what to think any more.

a man dressed as a puppy looks through the window of a house
(Channel 4)

The Channel 4 documentary followed the daily lives of several human pups - who were mainly middle-aged, busy working men who like to unwind by dressing up as dogs.

They explained how they like to enjoy the simple things in life - such as playing in ball pools, having their bellies rubbed and using puppy training pads to go to the toilet.

a man has his belly rubbed dressed as a dog (Screengrab/Channel 4)
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

There was even a competition to be crowned Mr Puppy Europe where judges marked the pups on their personality, mischievousness and agility.

the puppy competition arena (Screengrab/Channel 4)
(Screengrab/Channel 4)

Yes, really.

So, completely unsurprisingly, there was complete and utter confusion and disbelief on social media.

It proved too much for some people to get their head around.

Though there were some viewers who were determined to take an open-minded approach.

There was one thing lots of people could agree on, though - that using this pun was a great, witty idea.

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