Chris Evans 'relieved' Top Gun pilot threw up during Top Gear challenge

Chris Evans has said he is "very relieved" that a Top Gun pilot was sick in the new series of Top Gear.

Chris Evans.
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

The newly-launched show will return to television screens this weekend, featuring the all-new line-up of Chris, Friends star Matt LeBlanc and four other hosts including German racing driver Sabine Schmitz, plus The Stig.

Teaser footage released a few weeks ago showed Chris being sick after being taken around a race track by Sabine.

In new footage shown to the media at the global press launch, Chris and Sabine undertake a racing challenge against each other at the same air base in the US where popular movie Top Gun was filmed.

Top Gear presenters Sabine Schmitz and Chris Evans
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

Chris said: "I was just so relieved when the Top Gun pilot threw up, and no offence to him at all and I feel for him massively, and he's never going to hear the last of it from the guys at base, but I thank him. I owe him a big drink, actually."

Chris Evans.
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

His "wing man" and main co-host Matt was absent from the launch, but sent a video message explaining that he was busy filming the final series of his BBC TV show, Episodes.

Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc filming for Top Gear.
(Joe Giddens/PA)

He said: "It's great that the show continues to prompt so much global interest, even before we have shown the first episode. I've had an amazing and crazy few months since joining Top Gear. We've accomplished a lot and I'm extremely proud of it."

The show has been plagued by claims that Chris and Matt are at loggerheads, but Matt recently dismissed the reports.

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