Shia LaBeouf is hitchhiking via the internet, with a twist

It's been a few months since Shia LaBeouf did something out of the ordinary, so we were definitely overdue. His latest stunt hasn't disappointed.

Between May 23 and June 23 Shia will be randomly posting GPS co-ordinates on Twitter and through this website, hosted by Vice.

Anyone who happens to see the co-ordinates is invited to go and pick Shia and his collaborators Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner up, and take them absolutely anywhere. There are no rules. There are never any rules.

The Vice website will track everything in real time and at the end of the journey, wherever in the country or world it eventually ends, a video of the project will be screened at the Finnish Institute in London and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Shia has a penchant for immersive, sometimes bizarre projects. The latest one, #TAKEMEANYWHERE, follows #ELEVATE, which saw Shia spend 24 hours in an Oxford lift with the public - which followed #TOUCHMYSOUL, when the three artists fielded phone calls from the public for four days.

Before that was the infamous #IAMSORRY, which saw Shia sitting tuxedo'd up in an LA gallery with a paper bag on his head, crying a lot, for six days.

It may seem like Shia is just trying to be a bit edgy - different to the rest of Hollywood. Sometimes it's easy to forget this is the same guy we loved in Holes, Transformers and Even Stevens.

We quite like the explanation Turner gave to Dazed magazine about what he thought Shia was trying to achieve with #IAMSORRY: metamodernism, something Turner appears to have coined and describes as the desire to be "both ironic and sincere in the same moment".

So, if you're scrolling through Twitter and see Shia posting co-ordinates - why not take a look? He could be somewhere in the world close to you.

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