New private jet offers amazing views with skylights

New Private Jet Outfitted With Gigantic Windows And Skylights
New Private Jet Outfitted With Gigantic Windows And Skylights

As far as windows go, the ones typically found on airplanes aren't all that noteworthy.

But that could soon change, as aerospace company Embraer has figured out a way to make the onboard sky-gazing options much more fabulous, reports

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Its new Lineage 1000 model private jet can be made with not only loads of skylights, but with windows that are as large as doors.

Actually, what makes the latter possible is simply replacing doors with airplane-grade glass, notes WIRED.

Those who prefer to sleep while in the air need not worry. The gloriously large portals to the outside world come outfitted with shades.

Other amenities on the roughly $53 million jet include a shower, well-appointed kitchen, and separate sleeping chambers.

Jay Beever, VP of interior design, told WIRED: "I've always believed that we should be able to execute the customer's dreams and passions in an airplane.

"Customers are usually being told 'no' because of certification restrictions on airplanes."

The new luxury jet is rumoured to be called 'Airship Kyoto'