Drake overtakes Justin Bieber to become world's most-streamed artist on Spotify


Drake has become the world's most-streamed artist on Spotify after Views was made available on the service.

The Canadian singer had 3.24 billion global streams on Spotify, overtaking fellow Canadian Justin Bieber's 3.18 billion, according to figures on music data monitoring service Kworb on Thursday.

(Jonathan Short/AP)

Kworb measures all of Spotify's daily and weekly charts so the actual streaming numbers will be greater as it doesn't count streams when songs don't enter top 200.

Drake's accomplishment is despite him releasing Views initially as an Apple Music exclusive for its first two weeks.

According to Kworb, Ed Sheeran is the world's third most-streamed artist, while The Weeknd takes fourth place. Kanye West is 29th.