'Can opener' railway bridge has destroyed hundreds of trucks

"Can Opener" Bridge Routinely Destroys Trucks In Durham, NC | Autoblog Minute

A bridge in Durham, North Carolina has been dubbed the 'can opener' because of the sheer number of trucks and vans that have lost their roofs while attempting to drive underneath it.

The hundred-year-old train trestle bridge reportedly claims around one van a month, with the vast majority of its victims being rental vans driven by either inexperienced truck drivers, or people unfamiliar with the area.
So prolific is the bridge's reputation that Durham resident, Jurgen Henn, set up CCTV cameras back in 2008 to record the innumerable collisions, sharing them on a YouTube page and website dedicated to the bridge.

More than 100 videos feature on the site, which is named 11foot8.com, in homage to the can opener's available clearance.

Recently, new traffic signals and warning lightly were installed in an attempt to prevent the on-going damage to vehicles.

A sign saying 'overheight must turn' features prominently before the bridge, but it is too early to say whether drivers will take heed.
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