This brick wall optical illusion is making people question everything they know

Look at this photo and what do you see?

Is that a turtle's head coming out of a wall? A long brown lizard sitting on a wall? A pipe sticking out of a wall with a small creature sitting inside? Is it just a photo of a brick wall?

What if we told you that none of the above answers are correct. What if we told you that the photo actually shows a cigar stuck in between the cracks in a brick wall.

Right now you're either: totally freaking out, questioning everything you ever knew about the world and clawing at your eyeballs in an attempt to erase this mind mess from your vision.

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Or you're wondering what all the fuss is about and seriously considering unfollowing everybody who is still talking about that god damn brick wall on Twitter.

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If your opinion is the latter, look away now. If it's the former, you're not alone. It's blowing people's minds.

It's like The Dress all over again. Don't worry, it will all die down eventually...

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