Holly Willoughby 'upset' during abortion discussion


TV presenter Holly Willoughby was visibly upset during a debate about abortion on This Morning.

The mother-of-three put her hands over her mouth and said "my god" during a discussion about how late terminations are carried out and what happens to the foetus.

The programme was hosting the discussion on whether abortions should be performed after the 24th week of pregnancy - the current legal limit.

Holly Willoughby
(Joel Ryan/Invision)

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has said it supported the idea that women should not face criminal prosecution if they have abortions after 24 weeks.

Head of the union, Cathy Warwick, also reportedly backed a campaign to scrap the 24-week time limit without consulting the organisation.

Agony aunt Hilary Freeman and journalist Nilufer Atik debated the issue on This Morning.

Ms Atik described how she believed a foetus is "dismembered" during late abortions and its spine may be crushed.

But Ms Freeman, who has suffered a stillbirth, said this was not true and women had to go through a delivery.

Holly was visibly upset by the discussion and put her hand over her mouth.

Holly Willoughby
(Joel Ryan/AP)

Earlier, the RCM's director of services to members, Dr Suzanne Tyler, appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend the union. She rejected the idea that scrapping the abortion time limit would lead to more abortions.

"In theory, yes it will mean that abortion will have no limits but there is no evidence to suggest that decriminalising abortion will increase the number of late terminations," she said.