Sir Patrick Stewart on kissing Sir Ian McKellen and 'loving every minute' of his drag makeover

Sir Patrick Stewart admitted he "enormously enjoyed" his recent outing in drag, revealing that his wife Sunny Ozell taught him how to walk in high heels.

The 75-year-old actor made headlines when he transformed into a woman to promote his US TV show Blunt Talk, but he confessed that it had been a complete accident after forgetting his normal clothes after filming a scene.

Sir Patrick Stewart in drag
Sir Patrick Stewart in drag (Chelsea Lauren/REX)

He told The Mirror: "I was supposed to bring a business suit with me that day and I forgot. Then I thought: 'Hang on a minute, why don't I just go as I am?' I loved every minute of it."

Being his first time in a dress and heels, he needed a little help and turned to his wife Sunny, who is 38 years his junior.

He said: "The biggest challenge was the four-inch high heels, so I took them home to practice. Sunny was very, very amused - and gave me lots of tips on how to walk.

"I spent the weekend tottering around until finally I could manage without breaking my ankle. I enjoyed it enormously."

Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell
Sir Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell (Omar Vega/AP)

Sir Patrick confirmed his next role will be reprising Professor X in spin-off Wolverine 3 with a tweet saying it was the "worst kept secret".

He has starred in the X-Men franchise alongside close friend Sir Ian McKellen since 2000 but admitted that when they first met in the 1970s he was a "little intimidated" by Sir Ian.

The pair are now famous for their bromance, regularly posting pictures together and even sharing a kiss at the Mr Holmes premiere last year, which he said Sunny did not mind.

"She encourages it!" he said.

But he said it would be "extremely unlikely" he would ever reprise his role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the film reboots of Star Trek, saying it would be a "backwards step".

Sir Ian and Sir Patrick kissed at the Mr Holmes premiere
Sir Ian and Sir Patrick kissed at the Mr Holmes premiere (Ian West/PA)

The actor also revealed he wants to meet Jeremy Corbyn, saying that there are a lot of policies and beliefs that he admires and shares with the Labour leader.

Sir Patrick is currently starring in neo-Nazi thriller Green Room, out now.

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