Man leaps from moving car - for £20 bet

Photo/Video credit: Melfyx
A man has been caught on camera throwing himself out of a moving car into a cemetery – for a £20 bet he made with his friends.

The video shows the man, known only as Tommy, leaping from the car that appears to be moving at quite some speed.
After first asking the person driving to slow down, he jumps through the open door and crashes to the ground, smacking his head only metres away from gravestones.

His friends then burst into laughter, shouting: "He's out, he's out!".

The man then lies on the ground motionless, spread-eagled on grass.

One onlooker jokes with the man, saying: "We forgot to press play, you will have to do it again."

Although the location of the stunt is unknown, the clip was uploaded by Mel Fraser who accompanied the video by saying: "The things my cousin's pal will do for 20 quid."

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