Azealia Banks apologises for racist Twitter rant

Azealia Banks has said sorry for her foul-mouthed, racist Twitter tirade against Zayn Malik.

The US rapper launched a vile attack on the pop heartthrob last week after accusing him of copying her work, and her offensive messages caused her Twitter account to be suspended.

However, she has now taken to Instagram to offer her "sincerest apologies to the world".

One of the terms Azealia used during her meltdown was "curry scented", and she has also tried to clarify that comment.

She wrote on Instagram: "And as for curry, it's honestly some dumb nyc joke about cabs smelling like curry. I honestly wasn't trying to make a widespread statement about any group so much as just pulling out of my very limited bag of NYC insults. My mind didn't even go there when it came out of my mouth.

"I personally really enjoy curry and cook with it often. I feel compelled to clear the air with curry itself because that's a bridge I don't want to burn. I still want to be able to enjoy it freely without guilt or judgment. (BTW, black peoples traditionally cook with curry too.... Just saying)."

Azealia Banks on stage
Azealia Banks (Joe Giddens/PA Wire)

Azealia, 24, penned abusive tweets about other celebrities during her online attack, with Rihanna and Lady Gaga among those the subject of her barbs.

She also lashed out at teen Disney actress Skai Jackson after she came to Zayn's defence.

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