Train driver runs through carriages warning of impending crash

Polish train driver warns passengers to brace for crash with lorry

Hero driver saves passengers on train

The moment a train driver in Poland ran through the carriages warning passengers to brace for a crash has been caught on camera.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the driver had just seconds to warn passengers of the impending crash after a lorry got stuck on the tracks.

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His actions managed to save lives as he sped through the train, and people can be seen getting on the floor and turning their heads away from the windows.

The BBC reports that the train was travelling at around 60mph.

The view turns from inside the carriages to outside and the train can be seen approaching the lorry, before it slams into, breaking up the lorry and sending it skidding into a field.

The Daily Mail reports that nobody was seriously injured.

This is the second display of heroic driver action in as many weeks. At the end of April, a train driver was hailed a hero after rescuing a toddler running along a railway line.

The boy jumped off the Glasgow to Edinburgh train in Wester Hailes and was left behind on the platform before his mother could get him.

The train pulled off and the boy climbed onto the tracks and tried to chase after it as it pulled away.

The four-year-old was spotted by Martin McManus, driver of a ScotRail train travelling in the opposite direction between Wester Hailes and Kingsknowe, which are a mile apart.