Freebie Friday: give impressive gifts that cost you nothing

Sarah Coles
group of young people playing volleyball on the beach
group of young people playing volleyball on the beach

The summer party season has finally kicked off. The slivers of sunshine we had last week mean that we're being inundated with invitations to weddings, birthday parties and BBQs at every turn. Of course, you can't show up empty handed, so we have tracked down handy freebies that you can take along, and get a night of entertainment and food for the price of a freebie.

Free earrings
Whether it's a wedding or a birthday, you can look like you're splashed out on a paid of Swarovski earrings. The users of FreebieSupermarket have discovered you can buy these £40 earrings, then enter the code M16 at the checkout, and have the full £40 price reduced to nothing. All you'll pay is £3.99 delivery.

Free pizza
If you're expected to arrive with food, how about taking free Domino's pizza with you? TopCashback is running a week of 50% off when you spend £20, and if you've never used the cashback site before, you get a large or medium pizza for nothing. Just sign up, track down the £10 cashback offer, click through to spend £10 at Domino's, and the cash will be back in your account within 14 days.

Free drink
If your friends are partying at Pitcher and Piano, you can buy someone a drink for nothing. If you register with Pitcher and Piano then every month you will receive an email offering you a unique code to get a free drink. This month it's a Jägermeister Marmalade Stag cocktail - which would usually set you back about £8. If you don't like the idea of that, you could opt for a free bottle of Bulmers Wild Blueberry & Lime cider or a soft drink.

Free toy voucher
If the party-giver is under the age of 18, then they're going to want you to show up with toys. Fortunately, the users of have spotted that you can get these free too - with a bit of planning. You'll need to go online, sign up for a gold card, and agree to receive emails. In your first email, you'll get a £5 gift voucher, so you can snap up some free toys.

Free air freshener
If you know that a party is going to get messy, then you could show up with something your host could use in the aftermath. At the moment, anyone on O2 can use the O2 Priority app to get a Yankee Candle black cherry car air freshener from Halfords. The deal is valid until Sunday or until they run out - so it's worth popping down with your phone sooner rather than later, and showing the code to receive your freebie.

When Giving a Gift Costs Nothing
When Giving a Gift Costs Nothing