Dramatic video shows man pull motorist from burning car

Watch Dramatic Moment Stranger Pulls Man Out of Burning Car

A heroic man accidentally caught on camera the moment he saved a motorist from a burning car.

Good Samaritan Santiago Portillo was at the Riverside, California mattress store where he works on Tuesday when he heard a loud crash as a speeding Honda Prelude hit a lamppost and crashed into the car park, landing upside down.
Rushing outside with his recording phone in hand, the store manager spotted an arm hanging from the car's window. Barely pausing for thought, he placed the phone on the ground and rushed to the man's aid.

When his shouts of 'get out' to the man proved fruitless, Portillo grabbed a hold of the outstretched arm and dragged him out of harm's way.

Portillo is now being praised for his selfless actions in saving the young motorist, who police say was drag racing when he lost control of his vehicle.

He suffered a broken leg and a deep gash on his forehead – injuries that could have been much worse if Portillo hadn't been there to pull him from the wreckage.
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