Owner of golden supercar fleet revealed

The owner of a fleet of gold-plated cars that appeared recently on the streets of London has been revealed, according to Finance World.

Options binary trader Adam Khan is behind the cars, which include a Mercedes G63 six-wheeler, Lamborghini Aventador SV and a Rolls Royce Phantom. All of the cars are finished in the same metallic gold colour.
The cars have gained an impressive amount of attention, after they were spotted around the capital. Three of the cars were parked up on a road in Kensington over the recent bank holiday, where they amassed numerous onlookers. It also signalled the start of supercar season in the city, where drivers of high-powered and flamboyant cars descend on London's streets.

The cars were recently hit with around £320 worth of parking tickets, with each of them given a ticket underneath their windscreen wipers.

The owner of the cars was initially though to be a Saudi prince, or an oil tycoon. However, Khan, despite his gold cars, had kept a low profile up until now.

It is only through his Instagram account that the true identity of the owner was revealed.

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