Young London women are UK's hardest-working

Put in an extra ten days a year

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Women in London, Scotland and the North West are working the most hours in the UK - especially if they're young.

Research from beauty therapists blow LTD reveals that women in full- or part-time work in London are putting in on average 1,631 hours a year - ten working days more than the rest of the UK's female workforce.

For female Scottish workers, the figure is 1,626, and working women in the North West were the third hardest workers with 1,570 hours a year. Women in the south west are taking it easiest (or finding it hardest to get enough hours), working an average of 1,421 hours a year.

And while millennials sometimes have a reputation as slackers, this certainly isn't what the research shows. Working women aged between 22 and 29 are on average working 1,692 hours a year - roughly 18 working days more than the rest of us.

"Our research highlights the levels of time poverty faced by working women across the UK," says blow LTD co-founder Fiona McIntosh. "There are more working women than ever before, and those women – whether millennials or working mums – are putting in significant hours."

All in all, there are now a record 14.6 million women in work - nearly a million more than five years ago.

And it will come as no surprise to many women that they're working harder than men. According to a UN report released last year, women around the world work an average of 30 minutes a day longer than men when unpaid work is factored in.

But women are also more likely to be unemployed, or in part-time and low-paying jobs. Here in the UK, according to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), women earn so much less than men for doing the same job that they're effectively working an hour and 40 minutes a day for free.

"As the number of women in work reaches record highs, it's important that as a country we recognise the increasingly limited amount of spare time that women now have," comments Caroline Nokes, MP for the All Parliamentary Group on Body Image and parliamentary private secretary at the Department for Transport.

Paid hours worked (both full and part time) for female employees
London: 1,631
Scotland: 1,626
North West:1,570
UK average: 1,556
South East: 1,528
North East: 1,515
East Midlands: 1,515
West Midlands: 1,515
Wales: 1,515
Northern Ireland: 1,510
Yorkshire and The Humber: 1,491
East: 1,477
South West: 1,421

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