Man pulls train's emergency brake after leaving wife on platform

A passenger brought a train to a halt after leaving his wife on the platform.

Passengers on the 09.35 Gatwick express towards Brighton were stranded for around 20 minutes after a man pulled the emergency brake upon realising he had left his wife behind at the airport.

Thomas Mackintosh was at the front of the train and said the man, who was middle-aged with dark hair, seemed "agitated".

The 23-year-old said: "The train pulled away from the station and it stopped all of a sudden, and this man started pushing some suitcases to the front of the train and said it was him that had pulled it because his wife was on the platform.

"I think from what was happening he was unloading bags from the train to his wife on the platform and the train doors closed.

"I think they only realised they were at Gatwick airport just as the train was about to leave."

Gatwick airport welcome sign (Anthony Devlin/PA)
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

"We were stranded right underneath the Gatwick flight path, people were entertained - it wasn't as if they were stranded in a field somewhere," he added.

He then heard the man reassuring his wife on the phone before returning to his carriage to get the rest of his luggage.

The train conductor made an unscheduled stop at the next station - Three Bridges - to drop the man off so he could be reunited with his wife.

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