Driver causes car to roll after making illegal U-turn

Photo/Video credit: Tim G
A Ford driver in Canada caused a nasty accident after they performed an illegal U-turn in the middle of a highway in Toronto.

For some unknown reason, the driver decides to make a turn in busy traffic, hitting the rear of a car following behind.
The affected car is then sent out of control across the road, before going up an embankment and tipping over. It rolls back down before landing back on its wheels.

The owner of the dashcam said: "A car in the right lane performed an illegal U-turn, cutting off another car in the fast lane in the process.

"The cut-off car's speed was in excess of 100km/h (more than 60mph), and consequently lost control of his vehicle after clipping the cutter car's corner. He then zig-zagged in front of me, rolled up to the east embankment on to its roof, and then rolled back on its wheels.

"I administered minor first aid until the paramedics arrived."

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