Car rolls into estuary after owner nipped to the toilet

An unlucky motorist found himself in an awkward situation recently, after his car rolled into an estuary while he relieved himself.

After stopping by Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire on Tuesday morning, the male driver climbed out of the Seat Leon to go to the toilet, apparently forgetting to secure the handbrake as he did so.
When the car began rolling down the slope towards the water the vehicle's horrified passenger leapt out.

The pair could do nothing but watch as their green vehicle teetered precariously on the end of the slipway, before plunging into the murky water below.

Within seconds it was almost completely submerged, where it stayed and soon drew the attention of a concerned couple who called the police.

A spokeswoman for Mid and West Wales Fire Service told the Daily Mail: "We were alerted to the incident by the police. When we arrived at the scene just after 11.30am the vehicle was fully submerged in water.

"There were no occupants in the car and everybody was safe."

When the car was removed from the estuary it was found to have suffered serious water damage, with the front seats, dashboard and steering wheel caked in mud.

The incident is thought to have been caused by the driver forgetting to put the handbrake on, however social media users have questioned why the passenger didn't activate it when the car started rolling instead of just abandoning the vehicle.

It is not known what happened to the men involved.
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