Jamie Vardy, Robbie Fowler and Chris Smalling took part in a strange version of Britain's Got Talent


Chris Smalling is an ex-Judo champion, Robbie Fowler loves a bit of yodelling and Jamie Vardy used to watch "all the breakdancing competitions", because of course he did. That's what we learned from watching the three men on Vauxhall's miniature version of Britain's Got Talent.

Hosted by Reggie Yates, the two current players and one former were launching the Get In campaign to find England's greatest celebration, none of which beat the classic knee-slide-face-plant in our eyes.

He was good, Philip, but he was no Gazza at Euro 96, was he?

Hopefully England will perform so well at the Euros that Philip spends the entire month of June on his head, spinning, eventually becoming the only person not enjoying England's success, because of all the spinning he didn't realise he was contractually obliged to do following every throw-in.

But at least Jamie Vardy, when he gets back from France with his winner's medal and a carton of cheap smokes, will have a new DVD to watch.

And FYI, Alan Shearer had the greatest celebration of all time.

Alan Shearer celebrates his goal against France by lifting a single arm into the air
(Matthew Ashton/EMPICS Sport)