10 times Kylie Jenner wore a hat better than you

Kylie Jenner is fast becoming our number one style crush.

Switching from glamazon one minute to making a hoodie and pair of leggings look on point the next, we can't get enough of King Kylie's wardrobe.

And while we're pretty clued up on how obsessed with wigs and lip glosses she is - she does have her own line for both, after all - we've started to realise this girl has another accessory that she's not afraid to use. Hats.

You name it, Kylie's probably Instagrammed herself in one. From caps to beanies with a furry number thrown in for good measure, she's got them all.

While we can't say we're completely on board with her hat du jour - a Von Dutch trucker cap circa early noughties - the rest are giving us hat envy.

Here are 10 of the many hats of Kylie Jenner.

1. The Puma cap

She's the face of Puma so it'd be pretty off-brand to not wear one at some point.

2. The Louis Vuitton head scarf

Matching your headscarf to your swimsuit is totally a thing now.

3. The Von Dutch cap

Annoyingly Kylie can make this look cool - something Paris Hilton was never able to do in the noughties.

4. The furry beanie

Reminds us of Snapchat's latest koala filter. Still want one.

5. The black beanie

No, we'd never have thought of wearing a black beanie like this either. But then it is Kylie. And was for brother-in-law Kanye West's fashion show so...

6. The fluffy hat

So Christmassy. Very Mariah Carey.

7. The Fedora

A stylish choice, maybe Kate Middleton's inspiration for her recent Vogue cover?

8. The suede cap

We're loving this sports-luxe version of the humble cap.

9. The backwards cap

Kylie doesn't just wear them forward. She goes backwards too.

10. The Graduation cap

Yep, even this looks good on her. Probably not a look to recreate for brunch at the weekend, mind.

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