This cute football mascot burst into tears when he was told to leave the pitch


Joel Matip's leaving party at Schalke was too much for one young fan, who burst into tears and refused to leave the pitch before kick-off on Sunday.

The awkward moment occurred ahead of Matip's final home game for Schalke, where he has spent 16 years, before he joins Liverpool next season.

The club wanted to say thank you to the popular 24-year-old for his long service but it all got more emotional than anyone expected when his mascot was reduced to floods of tears.

Matip had been comforting the boy and holding him before it was time for the mascots to run from the pitch.

The little fan was clearly enjoying himself and when Matip told him it was time to go it got too much as he welled up before a member of the Schalke staff whisked him away.

Poor little guy!