MasterChef's latest challenge inspired people to share their own versions of *posh* food

So it was that stage in the competition where MasterChef contestants were told to up their game and serve exquisite plates of food to a bunch of super-talented chefs with extremely refined palettes.

And this year's "Chefs Table challenge saw three nervous-looking wannabe chefs attempting to cook what can only be described as scrumptious works of art under the guidance of Swiss chef Daniel Humm.

When 'milk and honey' dessert looks like this (BBC screengrab)

And sitting on the dining table judging their food were five familiar faces - Marcus Wareing, Sat Baines, Ashley Palmer-Watts, Clare Smyth and Nuno Mendes. No pressure.

Naturally, viewers were inspired by this ultimate fine dining experience and keen to share their own versions of posh plates of food...

Lion a la cheese

Yoghurt served with banana and strawberry jam

Picasso ham salad

Mushrooms on toast

Eggs Benedict

Microwave pork and veggies in gravy

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