Man sues employer because job was boring

Can you really make a case for being bored?

Man Sues Employer Because His Job Was Boring

There are plenty of reasons why people quit their jobs and plenty more why people choose to take legal action against their employers, but what this man did might come as a surprise.

One man is suing his former employer because his job was too boring.

Frédéric Desnard, 44, from France, is suing his boss and the company he worked for because he says he was asked to do things that were so menial that it became a descent into hell.

He added that he left work each day with a desperate, sinking feeling and when he arrived each morning he would often break down in tears, but no one noticed because no one really cared whether he was there or not.

He worked for a French perfume company as a manager, until he was stripped of nearly all tasks, now his lawsuit is seeking the equivalent of €360,000 (£282,000).

Management in the company said that the man never approached them to express his boredom with his job.

Although that may have been a contributing factor, how many people are really likely to tell their manager they're bored at work?

However all may not be quite as it seems, as the Guardian revealed the French man was signed off work for seven months before he was made redundant.

The reason given for this was that he 'disturbed the smooth working' of the business.

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