A coma left this woman locked into her body

A coma left her trapped in her own body

Brisa Alfaro had a stroke and slipped into a coma in 2014.

While comatose, 32-year-old Alfaro suffered from a rare condition called locked-in syndrome: she was completely paralysed, but painfully aware.

She could hear — but she could not move or see or speak. So she could not tell anyone she was OK.

"I just didn't want them to give up," Alfaro told The Washington Post. "I didn't want anyone to give up because I was still in there. I just needed time and for people to believe in me."

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Eventually, Alfaro woke up and began to recover. She recently shared her incredible story - although one of her doctors remains skeptical about what Alfaro thinks she heard while she was locked in.

Now, Alfaro says she is still on the road to recovery - but she never takes her days for granted.

This video shows her incredible story.

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