Busted are Coming Home with a brand new song - and fans are divided

Busted Announce Comeback Arena Tour - Photocall
Busted have dropped their first song in 12 years - and it might be called Coming Home, but it has a very different vibe to their old music.

Ahead of their Pigs Can Fly reunion tour, the band released the new track on their website and unveiled a new lyric video.

The song is written by all three band members - Charlie Simpson, Matt Willis and James Bourne - and marks a sharp departure from the cheesy pop of Year 3000 or What I Go To School For.

James said: "After 12 long years it feels great to say, here is a brand new Busted song! We wanted to give this away free to the fans as a gift for supporting us all these years. We can't wait to play it live in the arenas and hear them singing along."

In fact, the band got a little sentimental...

And James tweeted the understatement of the century:

James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis of Busted in 2004
James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis of Busted in 2004 (Peter Jordan/PA)

Some fans were upset: where's the cheese?

It sure doesn't sound like their old stuff...

But other fans embraced the new sound.

(Ian West/PA)

Does Coming Home represent maturity?

Another has forgiven the band for disappearing for over a decade:

And Busted must be on to something good when fans can't stop listening...

The trio will play their first show together in 12 years on May 11 at Wembley Arena.

Wembley has a special meaning, as it was where the band last played live together in 2004 - and where they will make their long-overdue comeback.

The chart-toppers reunited after Charlie agreed to rejoin the band - despite frequent vows never to return.

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