How to stop procrastinating

Are you putting off important tasks? Here are five tips to help you get them done

5 tips to help you stop procrastinating

Too much to do and not doing any of it? Here are five tips to help you avoid procrastinating.

Cut yourself some slack. Guilt is a trigger for procrastination. Forgive yourself and alleviate the guilt.

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Stop concentrating on how you feel. If you're not in the mood to do the task you're procrastinating about, it doesn't matter. Taking mood out of the equation means getting stuff done.

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Imagine your future self. One study showed that looking at a digitally aged picture of yourself helps make the connection between your current actions and their future impact.

Break down tasks into tiny steps. Any small action builds progress and makes you feel better about moving ahead.

Tell yourself to just get on with it! Procrastination is not a time management problem; it's an emotion management problem.