Hotline Bling streams could make Views From The 6 go platinum


Surprised to see that Drake included his hit single Hotline Bling as a bonus track on Views? Someone over at Forbes thinks they know the reason. New rules set by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) say that streams of a song count toward an album going platinum, whether said song is released before OR after the album.

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The new guidelines state that "1,500 on-demand song streams in the United States [hold] the same value as 10 individual track sales or 1 full album sale" - so Hotline Bling's 400 million Spotify streams and 700 million hits on YouTube should rack up the numbers for Drake.

Add those to One Dance's 67 million plays on Spotify and Pop Style's 18 million and Drizzy is well on the way to going platinum.

Meanwhile, One Dance just became Drake's first number one solo hit in the Canadian music charts. He's previously taken the top spot with guest appearances on Rihanna singles, but never his own tracks until now.

Sadly, Drizzy is yet to earn himself a number one on the prestigious Billboard Top 100 chart with one of his own singles. But with 20 new tracks out today, there's plenty of reason for us to believe that right now is Drizzy's time to shine.