Zoo kills healthy zebra to feed tigers

Rosie Vare
Zoo kills healthy zebra to feed tigers
Zoo kills healthy zebra to feed tigers

A Norwegian zoo has come under fire after killing a perfectly healthy zebra to feed its tigers.

The brutally decapitated animal was left in full view of the public in the tiger enclosure.

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The Daily Mail reports that the helpless animal was killed by staff at Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park because they had too many zebras.

One furious parent who visited the zoo took to Facebook to express their anger at the zoo's actions.

They posted a photo to Facebook of the beheaded zebra lying on the ground in the tiger enclosure with the caption: "Took a look at the tigers today. What met me was a little macabre."

Another Facebook user took to the zoo's official page to express their disgust saying: "Do not go into that slaughterhouse!!!"

Earlier this year another user wrote: "When their animals become to mainstream they kill them and replace them with newer and more exotic ones. IE the kangaroos in 2013 had to give way for the cheetah."

Despite these reviews, the zoo claims it is helping to save animals from extinction, writing on their website: "Dyreparken is working very closely with the World Wildlife Foundation to help save animals under threat of extinction."

The zoo currently has more than 140 different species living in the park which covers 150 acres of the Norwegian countryside.

Officials at the zoo defended their actions and Rolf-Ann Olberg, the zoo's vet, told CEN News Agency: "I understand people's reactions, but it is quite normal for a tiger or a lion to eat their prey.

"With a whole animal to eat, they must spend time tearing it apart with their claws and teeth. It simulates natural behaviour.

"We explained this and the guests realised that this is the way nature is. We must not avoid the fact that predators eat other animals."

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