Watch the explosive argument between Ken Livingstone and a Labour MP in anti-Semitism row


Ken Livingstone has been suspended by the Labour party, an investigation has been launched into the former London mayor's conduct and outraged senior Labour figures have lined up to call for him to be kicked out.

It's after he said Adolf Hitler was "supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews".

And in a dramatic turn of events, a confrontation between him and Labour MP John Mann over these comments has been caught on camera by ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship.

Mann confronted Livingstone who was on his way to give media interviews in Westminster.

He is reported to have said: "You're a disgusting racist, Livingstone. A disgusting racist rewriting history. You're a disgusting racist."

To which Livingstone replied: "Are you saying it's not true?"

Mann repeatedly called him a racist, saying: "Yes, you're a lying racist" and when Livingstone said: "Really? Why don't you go and check the history", Mann argued back: "A Nazi apologist."

Chief whip Rosie Winterton is hauling Mann in for a meeting over his behaviour after the furious argument.

John Mann
Labour backbencher John Mann (Nick Ansell/PA)

Mann said in a statement: "I have called for Ken Livingstone to be suspended and then expelled from the Labour Party.

"Ken Livingstone clearly hasn't read Mein Kampf, nor has he studied history. His comments are calculated to offend and are factually inaccurate.

"A top historian would be able to tell him that in 1932 the Nazis had no such policy."