Happy Ed Balls Day: The internet is celebrating the five year anniversary the way it does best


It's been five years since Ed Balls tweeted his own name, and Twitter is still celebrating the joyous occasion.

On 28 April 2011, the former shadow chancellor, may or may not have been searching for his own name on Twitter and sent out a tweet that simply read "Ed Balls".

Of course, the internet doesn't forgive blunders like that easily. And since then the amazing moment has been celebrated up and down the country.

WHERE have the last five years gone?

There are actual parties being planned.

It's made us feel all nostalgic.

And inspired to write poetry.

For many, it's as important as Christmas.

Which is causing mass confusion.

This year's celebrations are slightly tinged with sadness though, since Ed lost his seat as an MP last May.

We wondered what the man himself would be doing today.

And have high hopes for the future of this special day.

But it's important to always remember how it all started.

Happy Ed Balls Day Ed.

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