Richard E Grant cast in Wolverine film


Richard E Grant is on board to play a baddie in the third Wolverine movie.

The Hollywood Reporter said the British actor will play a mad scientist, although movie head honchos are keeping quiet about his part in the plot.

Richard, 58, will be joining Hugh Jackman, who is reprising his role as the clawed one, and Hugh's fellow X-Men regular Patrick Stewart.

Hugh Jackman at a press conference
Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine( Lee Jin-man/AP/PA)

The movie is the follow up to 2013´s Wolverine and, as yet, does not have a title.

While plot details are under wraps, director James Mangold is thought to have taken inspiration from Wolverine comic books.

Wolverine 3 isn't due to be released until 2017, but for fans who can't wait, X-Men: Apocalypse is due out this year - and after plenty of rumours, it was recently confirmed that Hugh will be in it.