Tips to help you get a holiday upgrade

Want a better flight seat or hotel room? There's a new website to help you do just that

Best Tips to Upgrade Your Travel

Some people seem to have the ability to get all the goodies - especially when it comes to travelling.

But one members-only website, Marchay Private Travel Collective, has been launched in the USA to help people who fly frequently.

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This self-proclaimed "exclusive community of high-end business travellers" shares ways to get some excellent perks from work travel.

Its top tip? Never ask for an upgrade. Instead, be specific about the amenities you would like, such as extra leg room on a flight, or a balcony, a bathtub or a view in your hotel room. Most hotels and airlines will try to keep you happy if atall possible.

The site says it's also worth reviewing a hotel's pricing before you arrive so that you can prepare yourself for negotiation when you check in. It might cost you a bit but it's usually worth it.

As for getting flight upgrades, remember that some credit cards offer travel rewards - so do check this when you book. While upgrades might not be totally free, you might be able to put points toward an upgrade.

And do keep checking back on an airline's website to see any last-minute offers come up for easier travel.

See our top tips on how to get a free flight upgrade below!

Ten ways to get a free flight upgrade

Ten ways to get a free flight upgrade